Inflatable canoe Yukon (RobFin)

The self-bailing canoe Yukon for two persons is designated for wild water rafting but it also offers enough space for multiday rafting. Self-bailing is secured by sleeve on rear part of the boat. When rafting on the calm water you can close the sleeve and get a dry boat. When rafting wild water you appreciate fixing you knees by knee straps when kneeling in the canoe. The canoe Yukon is stable on the wild water whereas it is surprisingly fast on the calm water. It is made of heavy-duty material with reinforced floor.

Inflatable self-bailing canoe Yukon (RobFin)


  • big, stable and hard to overturn
  • self-bailing
  • suitable also for the wild water
  • enough space for luggage

Technical specification:

  • Length [cm]: 410
  • Width [cm]: 100
  • Weight [kg]: 24
  • Max Load Range [kg]: 300
  • Operating Pressure [bar]: 0,3/0,25
  • Number of persons: 2
  • Material: Valmex®/Mirasol 1000 g/m²

The Yukon is made of three parts. Unfold the boat before inflating and install the seats if they are not. Seat should be installed by rough side up and fixed by a simple knot. At first the floor is inflated. You can find two valves on the floor – the pressure valve and the safety valve. The boat is inflated through clean close valve until the air does not escape through safety valve – it is the sign that the floor is inflated enough. Sides do not have the safety valve so it is up to your decision when the sides are inflated enough. Do not overinflate the boat.

Always inflate the boat in the shadows. If you inflate the boat in the sun and then put in on the water, the air in the boat get colder and the boat will lost its volume. Close the valves after inflating, you will prevent foiling of a valve sealing and possible troubles in future.

Deflating and folding
Empty the boat after landing, remove thick dirt and overturn. Wait until water runs out of the boat and the boat dries off. Rocks and wood should be removed. They would damage the folded boat. It is not needed to tide the boat up completely, we will do it. Then open all the valves by pressing and turning them slightly to an orange pin. Fold the boat towards the valves to impress the air gradually.

The inflatable boats RobFin are equipped with the best valves on the market – HR valves (Halkey-Roberts). They are heavy-duty and easily controllable even with chilled fingers or in gloves. You can open and close the valve by simple pressing and slight turning. Do not forget to cover the valve with a valve cap to prevent from unwanted opening and to protect from dirt.

As a result of sunshine the pressure in chambers increases and there is a danger of irreparable damaging of the boat, especially in the summer. Do not leave the inflated boat in the sun and find some shadow or deflate the chambers by half. There is no danger for the floor because of safety valve.


Boat4u team