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A source
The Váh is made of two smaller rivers – the White Váh (Biely Váh) and the Black Váh (Čierny Váh) in the area of Kráľova Lehota at the Liptov. The White Váh starts on the slopes of Kriváň in the High Tatras (Vysoké Tatry), the Black Váh starts under the kráľova Hoľa in the Low Tatras (Nízke Tatry). The basin area is 10640 km² (1064000 ha).

A mouth
The Váh flows into the Danube at 1767,1th rkm (106,5 m).

Description of the Váh
The Váh is the longest river of Slovakia with a length of 403 km. It flows westwards from the Tatras and then near Žilina it turns southwards. The river begins near Kráľova Lehota (664 m). Human activity is visible almost along the whole stream. There are some short stretches interesting for the watermen on the upper stretch of the river but our boat rental is focused on the stretch from the water reservoir Sĺňava all the way to the mouth to the Danube. The Váh is a beautiful river with the magic recesses perfect for relaxing, bathing and fishing. It is possible to use a pendant boat motor from Šaľa.

Water reservois Sĺňava – Hlohovec
This is probably the most beautiful stretch of the river. It is aprox. one days navigation down the old branch of the river from the dam to the railway bridge in Hlohovec. The majority of water flows to the Madunický channel for the needs of hydroelectric power station. Although only a so-called biological minimum is let in an old basin, it is enough for the navigation with small sport boat. The short stretches with weirs are followed by longer lazy flowing stretches. Shores are lined by dense flooded forests with an occasional view of the Pohronský Inovec. There are few scenic quays perfect for picnics. The junction with the Madunický channel is just above Hlohovec. Shortly after that you will notice the railway bridge. About 50 m past the bridge is a place good for ending your trip.

Hlohovec – Sereď
You will enjoy the river in its full force on this stretch. The wide river surprises you behind every curve. The loessial soil profiles with the big colonies of sand martin make the navigation more varied. On the left there are views of the Nitra hills (Nitrianska pahorkatina) overgrown with vineyard. A good ending of the navigation is near the outdoor swimming pool at an edge of Sereď.

Sereď – Šaľa
This stretch is not proper for rafting. There is a backwater of the Kráľová reservoir right under Sereď which ends near Galanta. The only attraction is an occurrence of Eurasian beaver on the islands under Sereď. It is good to continue the navigation from the port in Šaľa.

Šaľa – Kolárovo
The shores of the Váh are lined mostly with sandy beaches from Šaľa to the junction with the Little Danube (Malý Dunaj). The only obstacle is the hydroelectric dam Selice but portage is possible along the left side. The punt in Vlčany is very interesting. It is better to navigate this stretch down the river to Komárno with a pendant boat motor.

The Váh cascade
The Váh used to be the source of floods and because of this the Váh cascade has been built – system of dams and hydroelectric power stations which radically limit navigation on the Váh. The first dam is called Liptovská Mara, the last one is hydroelectric dam in Selice. The cascade has 22 hydroelectric power stations from which the newest one is the hydroelectric dam in Žilina.

The list of water reservoirs:

  • Liptovská Mara
  • Krpeľany
  • Hydroelectric dam Žilina
  • Hydroelectric dam Hričov
  • Mikšová (on the Hričovský channel)
  • Nosice Priehrada mládeže (The Youth Dam)
  • Sĺňava
  • Hydroelectric dam Drahovce – Madunice
  • Hydroelectric dam Kráľová
  • Hydroelectric dam Selice

The whole stretch of the Váh is navigable also for novices and families with small children. It is possible to use pendant boat motor already from the port in Šaľa. If you plan to navigate using paddle or oar, the stretch from the Water reservoir Sĺňava to Sereď is better for you. On the other hand for navigation with a pendant boat motor the stretch from Šaľa to Kolárovo or Komárno is more suitable.

Accommodation and boarding
There are many possibilities for accommodation and boarding near the river in Hlohovec, Sereď, Šaľa and Komárno. Camping is tolerated everywhere. We recommend to check out current situation before navigation.

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