Plastic canoe Vydra

The plastic canoe Vydra with two seats is designed mainly for calm waters of The Little Danube (Malý Dunaj) and the Danube River branches. It is made of unbreakable plastic (when used for proper purpose). There is no need to inflate anything or to protect the boat against overheating when having a break. It will not forgive you any mistake and is suitable mainly for watermen with sport spirit. In comparison with inflatable boats the Vydra is considerably faster.

Plastic canoe Vydra


  • considerably faster than inflatable boats
  • no need to inflate
  • more space for luggage

Technical specification:

  • Length [cm]: 456
  • Width [cm]: 80
  • Weight [kg]: 39
  • Max Load Range [kg]: 240
  • Number of persons: 2

The plastic canoe Vydra has two wooden seats, centre thwart and carrying handles made of firm climbing rope in front and also astern. You can easily put two 50l barrels in the middle and in the bow there is enough space for a tent, jerry can for drinking water or other things needed when rafting.


Boat4u team