Terms & Conditions

Boat rental company “Boat4u” which organizes the rafting on the Hron (hereinafter referred to as rental) is registered at District Office Trnava, registration number in the trade register: 207-16065, company address Zvončín 205, Zvončín, Trnava district.

CRN: 40 083 781
TIN: 1045615824

Correlation between the rental and a charterer follows the rules of the Civil Code which are regulated by the terms mentioned below. The rental rents boats for the rafting and equipment for touring by water. The rental is not responsible for damage of the charterer´s property and for health of the charterer caused by hired sport equipment. The charterer is conscious of all the risks associated with water touring and he/she assumes the responsibility for occurred problems by signing a rental agreement. The rental does not rent boats or equipment to persons under 18 years of age without knowledge of their parents or legal representatives.

We accept orders by e-mail or by phone. The order is valid after a deposit payment has been paid which is required in advance. After payment you will receive a written agreement about renting of movable property and a payment certificate by post or personally (according to situation). The agreement will also include place of receipt of the sport equipment.

We require the deposit payment for making a contract between the rental and the charterer.

You can pay in several ways:

  • pay by wire transfer to bank account in Tatrabanka
  • by postal money order
  • by PayPal or by credit card

Balance payment is paid by the charterer in cash at latest on a day when the rafting starts (unless otherwise agreed).

Cancelling the order
There are cases when the rafting must be cancelled because of different reasons. Please inform us about it in advance to avoid any misunderstandings. We charge a cancelling fee for cancelling the rafting:

  • 30 and more days before beginning 3 % of total sum (handling charge)
  • 15 – 30 days before beginning 30 % of total sum
  • 5 – 15 days before beginning 50 % of total sum
  • 0 – 5 days before beginning 100 % of total sum

Charterer is not entitled to a refund in the case of ending a hire before the date set in an agreement as the last day of the rafting (for example one day earlier) and in the case of bad weather with the exception of floods.

Receiving and return of the sport equipment
The equipment is received and returned at the company address in Zvončín 205, district of Trnava or at the base in Nemecká unless otherwise agreed. In the case you have ordered the transport, receiving of the equipment takes place at named place. When receiving and returning the charterer signs a transmittal form by which he/she takes over a material responsibility for the hired equipment. When returning the equipment late the rental charge is 200 % for every next day.

Responsibility for equipment and recompense
A charterer is responsible for the entrusted equipment which means that he/she assumes the responsibility for the damages caused by other people who use the equipment during the hire. The charterer is obliged to secure the equipment against theft. In case of theft a charterer is obliged to report it to the police immediately and to show a statement about announcing the theft. The charterer is obliged to use the equipment only for purpose for which it was designed and in a common way. According to the agreement the equipment is designed for touring by water and it is necessary to protect it mainly from heat (e. g. fire). It is necessary to protect inflatable boats from overheating and following blowing caused by the sun by early deflating of a boat.

Penalty for the damage or loss of the equipment
We charge a penalty for loss, damage or theft of the hired equipment according to current price list at www.mana-shop.sk. The charterer contracts to reimburse a loss on the spot, at latest until 7 days. The charterer contracts to reimburse costs of repairing in a case of excessive wear of hired equipment caused by carelessness, rough handling etc.. A sum is determined by the rental.

Boat4u team