How to raft

For the rafting on the river you need:

  • the boats and the paddles
  • the barrels and the dry bags
  • transport of the boats to place where you start and from place where you finish
  • equipment for living in the open in the case of touring raft

We can ensure all of these for you.

There are several ways how to organize the rafting.

  • traditional touring raft trip
  • the rafting without baggage with an escort vehicle
  • the rafting for groups (companies, schools etc.)

If you are rafting expert, you know what to expect, if not then we are happy to advise you the best for you.

How to pack, what to wear and how to behave when rafting?

  • Always wear footwear which is attached to your feet. Do not wear slippers. In case of overturning they will float away.
  • Always wear cap and sunglasses. Prefer cheaper models in the case of loss.
  • Protect yourself against sun and stinging insects by using a protection.
  • Pack up enough dry clothes to the dry boxes and to the barrels.
  • Do not use glass bottles and do not bind them to the boat.
  • Put your mobile phones and cameras into a barrels or dry boxes. They are waterproof only when closed.

Boat4u team